Guarded Gardens


James Smedley

You see my smile, you hear my laughter
I'm happy right? All the signs add up
But beneath the fragile shell
There's more than ants under this rock
Do you need to see my eyes sting with tears?
To know I’m crumbling deep inside?
Would sitting on the edge tell you
That something may be amiss?
I'm a boy who must be a man
Raised not knowing what man must be
So is it any surprise that I’m at odds with
My own masculinity?
What you see before you
Is a supernova of smoke and mirrors?
Hiding the void of the collapsing star
Broken at the core


A series inspired by the poem below exploring male masculinity and gender norms within fashion. Seen are two friends enjoying each others company in the intimate enchanting garden. Showing the elegance and beauty that are accompanied within friendship. Exploring texture and focus throughout the piece layering different styles creating an airily and whimsically feeling. The toxic sting of masculinity drifting away in this quite peaceful place. 


Bruno de Mendonca - model

Jonah Hurley - model

Marissa Yanoti - stylist

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